These two girls, Karie and Kimmie are good friends of mine. They are twins, and very unique. I thought I would take some portraits of them for part of my project because they are very beautiful girls. In the pictures I tried to show their natural beauty, and I think the back round, there poses, and the lighting are good in these pictures.





This is Mariah Lynn, I also took some portraits of her. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would, and we had a lot of fun taking the pictures. I really like how the lighting is in these pictures are, and the emotions I captured in her face. I tried my best to not get that dead face kind of look, and I think I succeeded it.

Tiger Lillie

I decided to take a picture of this Tiger Lillie because it reminds me of summer, and well summer is pretty much over. I really like the picture a lot. I used macro mode to take this picture, it shows off the Lillie very well in detail, and brings out the color. I thought of taking the picture from a different view so it starts going off the peddle. I really like this picture!

So I was really bored, and decided to take some pictures of these flowers. Lately that has been one of my favorite things to do. Anyways, I like these pictures a lot and they seem detailed, well to me. I like the colors of the flowers, the lighting, and the way I captured them.


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  1. photobybruce says:

    Quite the first post! Looks great!
    Let me start at the top-
    “and I think the back round, there poses, and the lighting are good in these pictures.” Be sure to proof read before you publish- should be background…. their poses…..the lighting IS good is….

    Onto the photos- The first set you have great light that you are working in, great job recognizing that and capturing it. The only thing on this set is that the twins look stiff in the photos. Spend a little time talking to them and getting them to loosen up some, it will really help the images.

    The second set of images really pops. It shows that the subject is really at ease and makes for great images. The one that really stands out to me is the serious face photo in front of the truck, really shows intensity.

    Also, remember that you need to post a link to a photographer who you looked at for inspiration. When you start on a project you should have in mind what you are going to do and WHY you are going to do it. What are you trying to learn from it? What skills are you trying to expand on? All of this needs to be in your post. Remember, your blog post is your proof of what you have done for the week.

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