Week 2

I decided to do my weekly project on things that really interest me. Rainy days are a big part of it. I am not very proud of my pictures this week. They are kinda boring and I just wish that I had a few better shots.

I took a few pictures of water, flowers, and leaves. They turned out good, I think. I wish the pictures would have shown the water a little better. Even though it did not turn out exactly like I was hoping the pictures grad my attention. The color, lighting, and the macro mode is what I like and used for these pictures.


After, I really like this picture. This is my favorite because of the lighting, the water and the random leaf.

Raining water, I like this picture because I love to be in the rain. I also love water so this is everything in one.

These are a few pictures of my mother, I took these pictures downtown. I really like these just because of the lighting. She looks very pretty, and the background and settings around her make the pictures look better(in my opinion).


2 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. photobybruce says:

    It is okay to not always be happy with your photos, that is what keeps you pushing yourself to do better. If you were happy with your shots each and every time you would never progress and grow.

    When shooting portraits, it is a good idea to shoot a variety of shots- shoot a closeup face shot, shoot midshots (as you have done) and then even shoot some really wide that showcase the environment that the person is in.

    Try playing around with different effects on the shots can be good as well. I will talk in class about presets for Lightroom and how they can really help out your photos.. or at least give them a different flavor.

  2. Emilee Nelson says:

    I think you take very grand photos, I think my favorite one was the sun flower. Although I also thought you had very good portrait photos as well. I think they have good lighting in all of them, and a good balance in them.
    I think you have good photos and I think you should keep taking photos cause your very good at in.

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