Week 3

This week I decided to take a couple pictures of homecoming, and sunsets . They turned out interesting. I think the sunset has a very distinct look about it. It is different, but in the same way really pretty. Although I do like it I wish I would have shot it at a different angle, or different ways.

In this picture I really like the colors, the sun, and the clouds. I also like how everything moves in this picture, and how the trees are super dark so it just focuses in on the clouds/ sunset.


Two, this picture to me is unique. When I look at this picture I just think of happiness, and bright. I really like this picture.

This is my friend Mariah I took more photographs of her. She is my number one “model”! I like this picture a lot because she is not really paying attention, and she is a really fun and busy girl so this picture fits her really well.

Mariah Lynn,

I thought this week I would be taking pictures of sunsets and homecoming, but as I started taking pictures of things and it changed. I took some portraits of Megan, which is my boyfriends baby sister. She is a very cute, fun, and loving little girl. In these pictures I had her do some poses, and she did not like them so she did her own poses! This is what I took of her.




Four, this is my favorite one. It shows her personality, and her craziness!


One thought on “Week 3

  1. Twitchell says:

    Getting kids to pose is like herding cats, not likely to happen. Some of the best kids portraits that I have seen are ones where you follow the kid around shooting as they do what they do.

    This can be a great exercise as a photographer because it forces you to know your camera and get in close. Great portraits are not at a distance, but rather the camera getting intimate with the subject to show the real person. Doing this, you have to get close, react quickly as the kid moves and changes, and be composing the photos all at the same time. Try it and see what you get.

    For sunsets, the number one thing to think about is not the sunset, but the other items in the photos. The items that are silhouettes become the main subject. Get something inbetween you and the sunset that makes for an identifiable shape and is something interesting. You might have to walk or drive around a bit.

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