Fall/ Colors

Well this week I had a hard time thinking about what I wanted to take pictures of, and than I started running out of time to take them. I was stuck between fall, and portraits, but instead of taking picture of them I was deciding , which took way longer than needed. I finaly decided I wanted to take pictures of leaves and fall. It is one of my favorite times of the year, besides the part of raking them all up.

I decided to do my inspiration from pictures of photographers I found, I could not find any specific photographer that just took pictures of fall, leaves, or even pumpkins. It just showed trees or reflection from water and there was only a couple photographer names that showed up. So what I decided to do is look at a whole bunch of photographers on a web page that was kind of like a compotition. They had some amazing shots, and they all helped me with my ideas of taking pictures this week. This is the web site I went to and instead of looking at one photographer I got to look at many photographers. I also learned how many different ways you can position your photo, and also different lightings you can use for your photos  http://gizmodo.com/5388614/48-stunning-photos-of-fall.

When I was taking this picture I was thinking of the leaf and thats it. I captured the leaf with a background of water, so all the focus is on the leaf, with an nunusual backround! I do like the way it turned out, but I also wish that there was more  color. I feel like something is missing in this photo. I like the ways i made the ” leafs wrinkles” show. I like the lighting, and how the leafs look like in this picture.



So this week I was debating on doing either portraits of my baby cousin or fall. I ran out of time so I took fall look, and I am happy with my decision. I also thought of the idea that even though I wanted to take pictures of either or I could do both and still have the fall feeling. This is my brother, and even though he forbitted to take pictures with me he did anyways(: He is a handsome boy, and his eyes, the lighting, and the colors in these pictures are what really interest me. A thing that does bug me though is how the lighting  on his face shows more on the first picture.



I like this picture because of the leaves, lighting, the pumpkin, and color!

Yesterday I was taking my friend home and was looking around and noticed this pathway of trees. I really thought that it looks really interesting, and to me it tells a story. It also reminded me of my weekly blog I am doing. In this picture I like the lighting, colors, and the way the trees are going in a path. I also like the random wire at the top of the picture.



This is my favorite picture. I love the colors, and I think the lighting worked well in this picture.


3 thoughts on “Fall/ Colors

  1. Sadii Link says:

    Good write up before, really explains what you were doing and why you did so. Also, you did a good job talking about your pictures after you posted them. Your images of the boy, are good, they’re in focus, and the colors look good, however, the shadow on his face in the first two images take away from the photograph and make it seem like there’s something weird going on with his face. And you have to watch for objects behind people, maybe put him on the side of the tree, or show more of the tree while taking the photograph. It makes it seem like he has some weird thing growing out of his head or something. Your second image is your strongest. The image works really well, the water is shown well and the image are contrasted well, I really like how the leafs are two different colors. Good work!

  2. Twitchell says:

    Nice link to look at, lots of great stuff on there.
    First comment from me-the last photo, crop off the top. The powerline is a bit distracting and not needed in the photo. I would have burned down the edges some as well, the top and sides are a bit on the bright side, knocking down the exposure would really help out the image.

    Portraits- I want to push you to get in closer. On each and every portrait shoot I want you to shoot a few up close and personal. Something like on this page- http://blog.fly51fly.com/2009/03/26/delicious-photograph-20090326/

    Really get in there and let us get to know the person. First image- beautiful. Great seeing on this one, something that would likely be passed by you captured. Very nice.

  3. J*dy M0y3r says:

    I love the colors in these pictures and I like the two leaves floating on the water. I think you should have cropped the pictures of the trees so that the telephone wires were not going through the top. It would be less distracting, but I like how the trees kind of pull you in.

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