Well last weekend I went camping at our cabin, and took  a few pictures. While I was taking them I realized that it did not have much to do with “camping” so this is what I got. I am not that happy with my blog I wish that I had more pictures, and a lot more to choose from. In the blog I chose these pictures because they were the main point of what was going on at the time. I like the lighting in the first picture, and I like the colors in the second and third. Some things I did not like was in the second and third picture the lighting, also I wish that my dog was more bright, and in focussed more.





One thought on “camping.

  1. Twitchell says:

    With the dog photos, get in tight. Anytime you are shooting photos of just about anything, get in as tight as you can for at least a couple of photos. Focus on the details. It is good to also shoot some wide shots to show the environment, but you never know what you might get when you get in tight. There is an old saying in photography that “tight it right.” In other words, leave the viewer no choice but to look at the subject of your photo. Have nothing, and I mean nothing else, in the photo.

    I think the light is nice on the dog. If you want it brighter remember to use the adjustment layers and you can brighten him/her up. Remember the skills that you learned from the tutorial videos as well.

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