Well this week I did not know what egsactly I was going to take pictures of. So I started taking pictures, and I took them of my cats. The first picture I really like beacuse it has pretty colors, I like the lighting, and I like how her eye really pops. I also like the second one, I really focussed on getting up close in the photo and thats what I got. In the second and third pictures I like how you can really see her eyes, and how it shows her roles when she’s laying down. These photos could have turned out a lot better, I just need more practice and I will get them all right. I was looking on web-sites for photographers that I saw who took pictures of cats as well, so this is my sited source: http://www.moderncat.net/2010/04/20/pet-photography-q-a-with-holly-sisson/






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  1. Twitchell says:

    Run spell check! egsactly is not a word. 🙂

    Great job getting the angle down low and at the eye level of the cat. Watch the white balance, it is off a bit in these. Looks like they were shot with a high ISO, sometimes you have to do that but if possible, get some more light in there. Another option is to shoot with flash but put a diffuser on it of some sort.
    Take a look here- http://www.flickr.com/groups/canonpowershots5is/discuss/72157612171688219/

    Can be a really nice accessory to your camera.
    Nice post, keep shooting and trying new things.

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