This week I took photos of  my studio portraits. They turned out really good I thought, and when everything was finally set up the lighting worked out really well. I wish I took more buissness photos than I really did, I was more focussed on getting some photos of her just being herself and me just capturing them. I ordered these photos by the way I set up the studio. The first one was just with the main light, which was making half her face dark, so in the second one I had added the main light and the back light, then lastly on the third photo I added the reflector because her face was still a little dark.I got a lot of good information from Kibee, and hopefully it will show throughout my photos soon. I got my inspiration from He helped me figure out what a classic portrait style headshot was really all about, and some great ways to take them. The reason my inspiration is the same as last week is because the picture from last week was one that I was still working on, I just needed to post something. This is what my business photos turned out to be.





One thought on “Classics.

  1. Twitchell says:

    First photo is a repeat from last week’s post. Be sure to shoot new stuff each week.

    My next challenge for you is to step outside of your comfort zone and at least get a new subject to shoot. You have shooting her down very nice, now expand some. 🙂

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