Making the Statement.

This week I took photos in the studio. I think all the pictures look great! I really enjoyed taking photos of Mariah, and she was very easy to take pictures of. All I did was photograph the images, while she was just doing her  random stuff. The color in the background did not turn out like I wanted it to but oh well, she sticks out anyways. I got my inspiration from this website. She takes great photos, and has fun taking them think that I did good on getting up close, and personal like you have been telling me to, but also keeping my distance. I took a few photos like that. I really like Mariah’s eyes in these photos, and her jewelry is all about her. I made sure that what she wore is stuff that represents who she is. In the photos I tried to accentuate her, and her smile. I had a lot of fun taking these photos, here is what I got.

This picture is from a while ago, but I wanted to start off my blog with something strong, and different. I really love this picture because it is showing how, this is really her, and she is really a strong person for herself, it makes a great statement. She stands for herself, and she is herself. This picture shows a lot about her.














I really like this picture. It tuned out really good, and I love the black and white. I got up close, and she turned her head for a second because she got distracted so I just took the picture than. I like her eyes, and how the darks in this black and white picture really stick out. She looks great, and it really shows a lot about her.


10 thoughts on “Making the Statement.

  1. Twitchell says:

    The upclose shots by far pack the most impact. Getting in close, making the viewer evaluate the facial expression, the look in her eyes. Great work, nice editing. Keep shooting in the studio!

  2. Mariah Lynn says:

    Rashell the pictures are great I enjoy them this was probably my favoite photoshoot it was so much fun we had a great time. Your truly a great photographer, you were born to do this, I think you should most denfently keep exceling in what you love, and what makes you happy which is what you are doing.

  3. CarleyKnoblich says:

    I love these photos. The angles, the expressions, Everything.
    You really capture this girls beauty. I admire that. (:
    Awesome job, girl!

  4. Jo4@ says:

    I really liked the pictures! I thought they were really cool. I like how some of the pictures were close up and the exposure was great. The pictures were very clear and they looked good!

  5. India Melton says:

    Wow, these photos are awesome Rashell. I really like them, good job! I love the ones of Mariah, I think those are so cool, she photographs really well! I love the fact that you got up close with them and we saw her facial expression, and we could feel what she was feeling too. I like that you tried something new with photographing lips too, I’ve never seen that before. I think that’s really unique especially beings most photograph the eye. I love the colors that you use and your B&W aspect is very good. Good photos, keep it up!(:

  6. S@r_ah LaP_oll@ says:

    I can honestly say, there is nothing I don’t like about the photos that I just looked at. You truly are a great photographer. The black and white ones stand out to me the most, because Mariah looks beautiful in them, well she does in all them, haha, but taking away the color just really adds something. With the up close one in black and white, it really makes gives her eyes a shine. AMAZING. I like that there’s no camera shake, at all. You did really great. (: Keep photographing, you’re amazing at it. (:

  7. jAZm!nE/nEls0n says:

    I like how you got her to do realistic facial expressions that could tell you a lot about her. I also like how some of the pictures are zoomed in on her face, especially on the last one and how you put it black and white. I think that it really set the mood of the picture. I think that you did well on the exposure and the lighting, well actually I think you did good on everything. I think that they are all pretty nice pictures.

  8. H3a+h3r G. says:

    I really like these pictures. My favorite one is number nine, where Mariah’s eyes look a dark red. It was probably the lightning, but I think it’s really amazing. You’re a great photographer! The balance of color is really great in all the pictures and another favorite is one, even though you said it’s an old shot. She looks like a strong person who can take on the world.

  9. Erika Russell says:

    I really like the angle of these pictures, and I especially love the shots that are up close, I think they draw the attention more to the eyes and the emotion in them. My favorite is the last one, I think the black and white makes it look even more powerful, and I love how close it is, it confines her to a tight space but at the same time the picture is bursting with feeling. I like all of these; there isn’t a single one I don’t like. This is definitely your gift:) Nice job:)

  10. Alex says:

    Wow Rashell these pictures are great. I love the close up pictures of Mariah and the first one. I really like the colors in the pictures and i like how you try them in color and black and white. Super job keep up the good work!(: Your great at photography!

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