The Break..

Over the break I took some photos of the snow on the roads and trees for two reasons. The first is because I thought the snow and the sky looked beautiful, and extremely relaxing. Another reason I decided to take this photo is because it shows (well to me) how it’s gonna be a long winter. In the picture it shows there is a road that just goes on an on with the winter surrounding it and the sky being the peacefulness of the photo.

This is anther photo I really liked. The colors look awesome in this picture, and I like how the ice sickles hang down on my porch. The reason I decided to take this picture is because when there is chaos going on at my house it is really nice to go outside and look at how we are surrounded by amazing things everyday.

This is my boyfriend and his dad. This picture is great. I wish I could have taken it where there was better light, and not as much going on in the background but I still like it anyways.

During Christmas I took pictures of my family opening there presents. I decided to put the two pictures of my dad and uncle. I really like them because I caught them in the moment. And they both have big smiles!

This is another “in the moment” thing. I looked over and my grandpa had his hands full with my two cousins. It was really funny, and cool to see that my grandpa was playing with both of them, and they were both on is lap! I love family days…

I really like this picture because of the sunset. The yellow, and bright pink really stick out in this photo. I think that is what makes this photo good. I wish that I would have taken the picture with a different scenery, but at the time I just wanted to take the picture!

This is one of my favorite photos! I really like how half is dark and half is light. This picture says a lot about me in a way. I know that whenever something goes bad in my life my family will say something to make it all better. The light shining in this picture, is the relief.


2 thoughts on “The Break..

  1. Twitchell says:

    Second photo- great framing going on there.
    Last image- nice editing, like the softness that comes from the image.

  2. 3Rin mc(0lly says:

    I really like the winter scenes. The light reflecting into the camera works very well. The shadows it creates enhance the photos and make them very pleasant to look at. My favorite one contains the pink sunset.

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