Girls Night.

I took some photos of a few friends of mine, and they were suppose to be different, not so much of the “portrait” type, but more of fun. I was not very picky on my photos this week, but I still like them.

I like this first photo because she was dancing and than just froze in a stands as I captured the photo. I like the black and white because it adds more of an effect than color would. Also the lighting was not all that great so I did not want to keep the color.

I also like this photo because of the way the leave are dead, but stick out in a way that you can notice it. I like the way I took some of the opacity down from the black and white effect. That to me, makes the picture better than it is. I also cropped out some of the background so it could focus on the branches, and dead leaves.


One thought on “Girls Night.

  1. Twitchell says:

    Hmmm, not a lot on here. No link.

    Nice simple photo of the sticks.

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