I have been looking up websites, tips, and ways to take pictures for my final. It has been a short week so I do not think I had enough time to take pictures, Photoshop them, and make them look good when I was not at school until Wednesday. I have been working, though with the time I have in class. Here is one website that is really helping me with my studio portraits. I have been learning how to take them, and how I should position them to the lighting and the camera

Another website that I am learning from is This also helped me with calming them down, and getting them to enjoy taking the photos. I am excited to start taking pictures for my final just because I am not gonna worry about how perfect they are, or rush when taking them. I think having fun while your taking pictures helps a lot more. Also you can really see the difference in your pictures with whatever emotion you have, whether its calm, happy, rushes, or procrastinated.



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