Connection Final

My final is about connection. Connection fits with my photos because I took them of my mom, brother, and best friend. In these photos I really wanted to concentrate on fun, focus, and me. I really think that these photos turned out great. In all my photos I worked in Photoshop, when I was fixing them I focussed on brightening the background, and making their eyes pop! I was surprised with how they turned out, but in a good way. Here is one website that is really helping me with my studio portraits. I have been learning how to take them, and how I should position them to the lighting and the camera

Dawn’s Photography

I was really happy with the pictures of my mom! She looks beautiful, and her eyes look amazing. The blue really pops, and I think the background looks good with the photos. Another thing that you can look at for these photos is that the first image its more natural and there smiling. In the second picture she is more serious and looks more elegant.


Mariah’s Photography

Mariah Looks great too. The reason I took pictures of her again is because it connected with my final. In these photos I wanted to do something different than usual so I shot from a different angle and had her pose differently. I also took the soft side of her because I felt it was needed.  Another thing that you can look at for these photos is that the first image its more natural and there smiling. In the second picture she is more serious and looks more serious.


My brother’s pictures turned out awesome too. I really like his eyes, and he looks emotional, but in a strong way. The background really worked with this photo as well. During the photo shoot it was really difficult to keep him calm so the promise I made him was a hamburger after!

The Group

This photo is one of my favorites I like how they are all doing their own thing, and some what separated away from each other. I do not  think I could have done anything differently with this picture either.

Relation Photography

I think how I had both Mariah and Dylan with my mom. It makes the feeling of the photos more decent. I love them, and I think these photos explain it very well.

Lively Photography

These last few photos are great! They look hilarious, evryone is natural, and relaxed. Before we took these photos my brother decided to say comments after comments, and for some reason he made them laugh alon with them. I really like these pictures I took because they are perfect pictures to describe the way they would all act around eachother. They laugh, and are extremely happy people.

The End.


7 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Twitchell says:

    Great portraits!

    A few on the far right, on the background, it goes from the blue to a grey, a bit distracting. The one other where the background shows a lot of stuff in the background, not the backdrop.

    That is my biggest suggestion right there. Nice lighting on these, a couple might be a touch hot on the main light, but not too much.

    Great editing on these, has your mom seen them? Or brother? They should be stoked on them, they ar every nice. You are really getting the hang of the studio, keep it up!

  2. 3M!LY B@553TT says:

    I think you are a great portrait photographer! The lighting is really good, and the positioning of the people are pretty good also. The only thing that distracted me was the background. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like bright background colors. They work though. Keep doing a great job! These are really good.

  3. N!c_k L3v! says:

    These portraits are pretty cool I like how they look and the feel of them. I also like how they have different facial expressions most of the time it shows difference in the pictures and mood it was pretty cool how that was done. I want to take portraits like these because they are awesome well done and have an awesome feel and mood to them and are really interesting. Keep on taking awesome pictures they are great and you are a good photographer.

  4. T3r3s@ Ch@p!n says:

    These photo’s are great! I really like the photo’s and the people in the photo makes the photos look amazing. The people in the photo looks well relax and happy. It’s great how comfortable the people can look. I really do like the brown background because it brings out your moms and brother’s eyes but the really pretty blue brings out Mariah’s eyes. The blue is really pretty though. When you have the brown background it does kind of make blue eyes grey. So I think you should stick to the blue so that it still makes them a more bluish then grey. Out of all these photos I don’t really have a favorite because they all are great. Great job!

  5. Kylie Harwood says:

    Honestly, these portraits are amazing. I think the colors all work really well together, and the backgrounds are perfect because they are semi-neutral colors and goes with all the other colors in the photos. I like where the people are placed and how some of them are goofy and then others are serious. There’s nothing I don’t like about these portraits.

  6. w!n+#r $p#n(er says:

    I really liked these photos. I liked all of the facial expressions that the people had. My favorite was the last one because I liked the lighting on the faces and everyone was happy and smiling. There was not any that I did not like because all the pictures had great facial expressions. One thing though, in some of the pictures the lighting was a little but uneven and there was too much on one side. But overall good job! I really liked them!

  7. kelsey creamer says:

    Rashell! I love your studio portraits. Those by far stand out to me the most because I know the people you have shot, and your pictures definitely show their personality! I love how you edited the pictures also, and the angled you shot out.

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