I decided to edit, and use more of the studio portraits from my final that I did not use. I wanted to make sure I got the chance to edit, and show a lot of the photos. The reason I am having another week of those pictures is because I love taking pictures in the studio, and it is super fun to edit them. This is a website that helped me a lot, and made it more easier with how I wanted to take the photo I also focussed on making the background pretty much the same colors, so there is no line of gray, or even other this that distract away from the picture. Something else I tried different with these photos is to make there eyes pop a little more. I think it makes the images have that extra oomph, and spark! Here is my blog for this week.

Photo One,

Photo Two

Photo Three

Photo Four

Photo Five

Photo Six

Photo Seven


One thought on “Studio

  1. Twitchell says:

    Fantastic lighting on the subjects!! I would burn down the background just a little, not much, but if you knock it down some you can make the wrinkles not as noticeable on the background.

    Great job.

    Photo 5- what is going on with the background? It is a little weird……

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