For this week we had a project called “spotting differences.” I wanted to use this older photo because I have not used it in any blogs, and these pictures are fun to work with. In this picture I wanted to make some things kind of obvious, but also difficult. I thought this was an interesting project, and I had fun with it. I added, got rid of things, changed some colors, and moved things to different positions. There are 9 differences all together. To find all the differences go HERE. I looked at this website and got more of an idea of what to do. I tried to have a lot going on like in the website, but I did it in a different way.

Regular Picture.



4 thoughts on “Differences

  1. Twitchell says:

    Great picture to use, but remember that you should be shooting new photos for each project.

    Love that you include an answer key.

    Looks good!

    • Hey Twitch,
      I just wanted to ask if I can post a lot of extra blogs to make the assignments up that I have missed from being gone. I have already posted and extra blog or two, and have more coming at the end of this week, beginning of next week. If i could it would help me out a lot.
      Thank you, Rashell Shaffer

  2. Chris E.Fogle says:

    hey I am one of twithell’s newer photography students but I was just looking at the photo’s and you had missed a difference it is at the top right (but at the bottom right of the image) of the metal fence there is a flag in the edited photo but not in the originall

  3. Andrew Morgan says:

    I liked this post. Without stating that things were changed it would be difficult to notice that anything was changed. The masking looks like it was done pretty well.

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