The Owl.

I really think my weekly blog is different. I wanted to take a picture of an animal, but this makes it more creative with having it metal. I think that the lighting is alright, but  I tried to make it more drastic my sharpening the eyes, and body. Also by making the owl brighter, and darker. I wish that the owl was a little more sharpened than it is. But all in all, I just thought it was cute and I really like the pictures.





2 thoughts on “The Owl.

  1. Twitchell says:

    Very interesting looking owl. Reminds me a bit of the owl from…shoot, what movie was it? The Dark Crystal I think is the movie that I am thinking of.

    Nice contrast in the images, good editing on there.

  2. Ph!ll1p We!$T says:

    I thought the metal owl thing was cool. I liked how the eyes looked right into the camera and just glared into the lens. And the light reflecting off of the eyes was cool too. And how you messed with the color on the first one made the eyes look really cool too.

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