This week I took a picture of Monster, he is a great dog, and is so loyal to all of us! I really wanted to make sure that in these photos I made somewhat of him stand out. Even though I got some shots it was difficult because he wanted to keep liking the camera. My favorite things about these pictures is that his face sticks out. I am glad that his head looks a little bigger in these photos because that’s really how he is. His head is really bigger than the rest of his body. I really wish that I could have gotten him smiling, but he would smile for the camera. All in all I really like these pictures,and think he looks cute!





2 thoughts on “Monster.

  1. Twitchell says:

    Good angles to shoot at and getting in close for the details is great.

    Try to avoid direct flash if at all possible, the shadows and light that it puts out are not the most flattering on any subject.

    Great detail of the nose. Really like that one.

  2. K@y!@ $t0R_y says:

    I like the one of the dogs nose. I think that it has great detail and it that all of the other photos have really good angles. All of the photos have great detail and they are sharp. I think that maybe you should have tried to crop out as much of the back ground as possible so it is a little less distracting. The photos though are great and have great detail and are at good angles.

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