The View

I took pictures of downtown. These pictures are more black and white than anything. I really concentrated on keeping some color, but also having the B&W stand out. When I was in Photoshop I just brought down the opacity  to the levels I wanted. I like these photos because of the colors, and the way the water flows. Another reason why I like these photos is because it reminds me of quiet times and peacefulness.





3 thoughts on “The View

  1. T0m tr0*31 says:

    I do like these photos, they are kinda of peaceful, I like how the water looks. The thing I don’t like about them, is that they are kinda of plain, there is a lot of photos like this, and a little blurry, but not much. I have taken a lot of photos like this, and these photos beat all of mine.

  2. m.e.g.a.n_j.u.d.d says:

    I really like these pictures. I like how the pictures are black and white, but have a touch of color. The way the water is moving also helps the images. I cant think of anything i dislike about these. Another thing i do like however, is the angle.

  3. Br1tt14n n0!/ says:

    I really like the one with what I am assuming is the lake. I like the way the water i all uneven. I also think that the rocks are the main purpose of these photos or that is what it looks like.

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