Focus 208

For my first project I wanted to take photos of the new CHS Viking Softball field. I took photos of it because our field has never been redone before. Also because I wanted to see how different it would be in the after pictures. Our pitchers were pitching 7 1/2 inches up hill, and we had to dig a foot of dirt out from the backstop. There was a lot done, and a lot of effort put into it. When I was taking these photos I really focussed on the people and the big vehicles that were on our field. I think this turned out good.

For my second project I took photos of the back side of Hayden Meadows. In these photos I tried to focus on the play ground, and the huge field behind it. The reason, is because I could see them eventually putting a fence or something there. Also with people’s house happy, they could try to take half an acre to build more homes. Anyways some things I wanted to do for these photos, but forgot about was to get some pictures with the front of the school. Also maybe the sign saying “Hayden Meadows.”


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