I am very excited for this final. I worked hard, and I think my pictures turned out great. I really like how all my pictures fit together, I did not think they would with all I had to choose from.

Large Depth of Field

I really like this picture because I think it shows everything very clear. It is a bright picture, and shows summer coming out in the sky and trees. I think this picture mixes well together. My favorite thing about it is the reflection from the trees to the water, and how well you can see the trees. My Mom was really excited to see this picture because of how excited I was to get that perfect shot I wanted. My inspiration.

Leading Lines

This is one of my favorites because it has a good leading line, and its creative. The thing I like most about this is the way the bridge goes over the railroad tracks. I think it adds more to the photo, and shows more depth. Another thing is that the black and white turned out really great with creating that “affect” in the image. I do think it is a little bit blurry, but not badly. My inspiration.

Limited Depth of Field

For this I wanted to focus on macro and color. Which I think I did a good job, with meeting that goal. I like how it really pops, and shows happiness. My favorite thing about this picture is that even with everything going on the rain drops on the flower really show, and stick out. I took the picture because of the rain, and I think it just added a little extra! My insperation.

Reflection(My Choice)

I decided to take another reflaction photo, like the first, but more close up. And it is a different view of it. I like how you can really see the white trees in the background and in the water. I think that this picture is very interesting because there is so much to look at. I made the green stand out more using color balance, and it really helped the photo out a lot. My inspiration.

Natural Framing

I took this at honey suckle. I like it because the tree is really freaky, and it works really well. I think over all this was one of the hardest pictures to take because I just couldn’t think of anything to take pictures of. Even when I drove around. But I think this picture and it works well. My Inspiration.


This photo really interest’s me because the balance really sticks out. I like how I have the back lighter than the front because  it makes the photo more drastic. I think that this photo in black and white except the graphite works perfectly for the style of it. I think the train tracks going rite through the middle gives it more creativity, and makes it more different. My Inspiration.

Creative Viewpoint

I took this photo laying down, and looking up through the trees. This for my blog fits in great, and even though I didn’t take it until the last minute I really like it. I made the green stick out with color balance again, and it made it more creative. I also think that it makes the image more interesting to look at than just looking at tree branches. My Inspiration.

Dandelion (My Choice)

I like this picture because its the only thing besides the leaf that is in focus. I think that it turned out really good, and the leaf things that fly off are really in focus so you can see them even better. I think that if i were to do something differently I would have some of them flying off, but over all I really like it. My Inspiration.


I chose this to be my simple picture because it really is. I think that this picture is relaxing to look at, and the colors make it more interesting. I like how with everything that is in this picture, the calm thing about it is the little stream of water. My inspiration.

Rule of Thirds

I like this picture a lot because it shows my frog perfectly. I like how he mixes in with the green plants behind him. Also I wanted to get his feet really cool because they have suction things on them that make him climb up glass and such without falling. It didn’t turn out as great as I hoped, but I still really like it a lot. The reason I blurred some of the rock is because I wanted to get more attention on the frog. My Inspiration.

Business Portrait

I like this photo just because it is simple. But I do no that I am not as comfortable as I should be in the room. So I need to practice more of that next year. Over all I think that it is decent. I could have had a color in the background, but I didn’t want to because I thought it was perfect black.


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