Deek at the Dock

When I took these photos my family and I were down at our dock for my birthday party. Deek was going crazy trying to get the fish from the water when I snapped a couple of photos real fast! I like these photos a lot because his nick name is “the fishing dog” which describes Deek perfectly. He has tons of fun down by the water and doesn’t need a stick to be thrown for him to get it. My inspiration, I chose this because it helped me understand how to get photos of their personality.

Finally got his attention off the water!

I wanted to have this photo in black and white because it gives it more quality and definition.

I love how it is up close and you can see his wrinkly face.

I love this photo because when my brother caught this fish he left it on the dock for a couple of seconds and next thing we new Deek had it in his mouth.


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