Indeterminate Photography


During the weekend I took a few pictures of my best friend’s baby! He is 12 days old, and his name is Jeremiah. I wanted to take some photos of him because they need some picture frames at their house and I am gonna buy them a house warming present! I caught him at a moment where he was sleeping and my boyfriend was holding him. My inspiration is from Layla Belle because it shows how to get close and personal in the photos, another thing I saw in her photos was there eyes and how there either barely open or there a little older and open all the way.

One: In this picture I wanted to focus on him and the blanket because he’s usually always rapped up in a blanket. I made it black and white and than had the blue blanket left in color.

Two: In this photo I had a more close-up shot and I love it Jeremiah is adorable. This picture shows his lips in more depth and I love it.


This summer we went rafting on the CDA river. We stayed for 2 nights and got to sleep in cabins by hot springs! It was definitely the best Vacation of the summer. My mom called it a “bonding” moment for all of us.. Being there for 2 days I got a lot of chances to shoot photos and if I missed things I got to take them the next day. My inspirations with depth, flowing water, and  mountains.

One: I wanted to do this in black and white because it gave the picture more than it had. I like the bridge in this a lot too!

Two: I wanted to focus on getting depth of field on these because it shows a lot in this view. I really like how much there is to see.

Three: This one is kind of like the first one, but I got more of the clouds and less of the water.

Four: This is one of my favorites because it’s another one of the bridge and the colors. I like the clouds and how the bridge isn’t close, but far away. We were all very nervous with going under the bridge because it was one of the most intense  rapids there.


During the week I was picking my brother up from football practice and I looked at the sunset and it was beautiful! There were a few people including me who were taking photos of it. I edited the first one a lot, but the second one is pretty legit. I think they turned out great, and I really like the colors in the 2 photos. My inspiration is

One: I was on my way to get my brother from his football game, when I looked over and saw the beautiful sunset. I edited this one a lot, but it just gives it more to look at. I really like this picture and it turned out great.

Two: This is the second one and it turned out great too! I didn’t edit this one as much, I just made the colors more bright than being dull.



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