Motion Photography

For this weeks blog we had to do motion photography. I wanted to mix it up and get different kinds of images. They didn’t turn out as great as I wanted them too, and I noticed in a couple of pictures they were fuzzy looking. I tried fixing it but it was just the way I took the picture. Even though They didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted them too I still like these photos, and I think they’re different. My Inspiration is from steam and I liked the way I captured the way the steam came from the soup like it came from the T-Pot.

One: I like this picture because I got the steam from the chili, and it looks sweet.

Two: This picture is one  of the ones I was talking about that is really fuzzy, but I guess it’s not super noticeable since its a motion picture. I like it though because there are random lights, and the 25 mile an hour sign shows 2 of them.

Three: This is another one of the “fuzzy” pictures I was talking about. Even though it is I do like how



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