Surrealism Photography

Surrealism Photography

For my serialism photos I wanted to take pictures of things that were normal and put an eye(s) in the photo. This blog worked out great and I like all my photos a lot they are all super weird, and we would never see things like this. For my inspiration I liked this website because it showed me I could put an eye in something that was “normal” to people and adding just that one thing could make the difference.

One: This photo I like ALOT but it was a pain. It wasn’t saving like I wanted it to so I had to keep re-doing it. I didn’t have a lot of time but I like the color of the eye, and the bright orange pumpkin makes it stick out really good!

Two: I like this photo because I made it more of a Halloween theme, and put the spider and frog there for more detail in the background. I put the eyes in the scarf part because it would not take everything away from the actual hat.

 Three: This is my absolute favorite photo. I love the purple flower, and how the eye make- up around it is a light pink. It really accentuates the eye to make it stick out. I also like how the creases underneath the eye are there it gives it more of the reality look.

Two: This is in contrast with the first one, but its different personalities are its eyes moving and changing in different ways. I wanted to make these photos mean more than just the way they look, so I though this was a good idea.

How I got the Photos:

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4


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