PK Photography

My inspiration is from “white cat photography”. I was sitting on my couch and my cat “PK” was rolling around and playing with her fake mouse. I thought it would make great photos so I started taking pictures. These were the ones I liked most. I really wanted to focus on getting in close on her face/eyes. I also got a couple of photos from somewhat of a distance, and different angles. They really turned out great, and the photos show how beautiful and fluffy she is.


I made this black and white to give it more of a creative look, and I really like the angle of this photo. Another thing I notice and like is how her 2 paws are together also.


With this photo I wanted to get close with her eyes, and also show her squished nose because that’s the main thing about Persians. Also I really love how white and fluffy she is around the head.


I edited this photo in black and white because it gave the photo more meaning. She looks mad in this photo and I wanted to show that rather than anything else that would be more distracting.


I love this photo! She was laying upside down and I took the picture exactly when she was looking at me. I really like the angle of this image! The eyes, nose, and whiskers really stick, and I like how that is what stands out in this photo.


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