For this blog I took all kinds of different pictures. Honestly it wasn’t my favorite, and I was pretty confused with it. I thought my photos were alright, but I think I can do a lot better! With the flowers I was getting too close with the image and it made my photos have  static. The reason I kept getting close though was because I like getting the very middle when I am shooting macro. I don’t like to get the whole image because it doesn’t give the photo as much meaning and creativity. My inspiration was for snow, flowers, and more flowers! These caught my eye when I was trying to figure my blog post out, and I got helpful tips from the angles of flowers as well.



I really like this picture because all it shows is the bright yellow, and really focussed in on the flower. I changed the lighting around a lot, and made the yellow a little brighter than it was normally.


Out of the 3 pictures this is one of my favorites! I love the middle tree and how it is completely covered in white. I wish all the trees were this way, but it just didn’t snow as much as I hoped.


This one is another photo I like a lot because of the way the two long trees frame the image. It looks like I could hang this picture up on my wall and “feel” this photo. That’s why I like it so much!


This picture shows a lot about how much snow there was. I like how some of the green sticks out, but basically everything including the sky is white in this photo as well. I played around with the lighting and made is a little lighter, and brighter than it was at first.


This one was difficult because it had a bunch of red and blue stuff in the background so i painted it white, and it left a couple of spots on the flower that I do not like at all. I am not very happy with this photo, but it still describes the monochromatic.

Contrasting Colors


During Thanksgiving I took a few photos of the different colored bowls we had and I was glad I took it because it shows he contrasting colors more than any other photo I have.


Out of all three of these pictures this is my favorite because I like how its lighter and at the tips of the flower it gets pink. The green also sticks out a lot with the pink and that’s what I love about it.


I wanted to get really close with this photo, and I think I did exactly that. I really like this photo and it is very vibrant.


This being my last photo I think I did a great job. The best thing about this photo is that I got a different angle, to me the flowers look like they’re moving from the other two, and I like how in focus it is. The green also sticks out in this photo as well!



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