Family Photos and More…

This week was a busy one I didn’t have enough to edit all the ones I wanted and put them on my blog so these are the only ones I got to. For the “Hunting for our Christmas Tree ” blog I liked these photos a lot because it showed happiness and love in my family. Also I like how everything turned out so clear, and I feel like I got the perfect photos for what I was hoping for! This is my inspiration I liked this one because it showed the idea more than anything, I got to shoot my own images, with my own meanings, but still keep the idea that my dog is having a good time in the snow. I think I did just that! The other photos with my brother, his friend, and I were just extras I got to put on my blog post with Deek.(My dog)

For the “Family Photos” I wanted to edit the images for Christmas. My mom wants to send them to family and friends but didn’t want to send them with the color that they were. I think that all the photos are much more clear, and they are more interesting to look at. I didn’t have an inspiration for this part because I new how I wanted to edit these photos, and my mom told me a couple things also.

Hunting for our Christmas Tree!


I made this photo black and white and adjusted the lighting and blacks in the photo. My brother and his friend Kevin hoped on the back of the truck after my dog Deek did. I thought it was super cute so I took a few photos. This was definitely my favorite one  and I think it turned out GREAT!


For this I changed the lighting and made our eyes brighter, so it gives the image more to look at. I really like this photo because my dog looks so happy!


This photo is one of my favorites, and when we put our Christmas tree in the truck he jumped rite in. So thats when I decided to snap a few photos of him.


I changed the lighting in this photo, and made the green stand out a bit more. Also I made the yellow in his fur a little darker just to give the photo more oomph.

Family Photos



My mom really likes these edited, and thats all I cared about. I made the lighting brighter  and made the water more red from the sunset. I think it turned out great, and shows a big difference. I also made everything more sharpened.



For this photo I made everything a little brighter. I also made our skin colors more even with the brush tool. For our eyes I used color balance, and made the image more sharpened.



This image is my favorite! I think we all look great in the photo. For this I made the image brighter and clone stamped the dock out of the background. I made our eyes more in focus, as I did with the image. I played with the contrast and clarity in the image as well. I think its a big difference and looks really good!


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