This week I had some random pictures. I’m not gonna lie this is probably one of my worst blogs yet but I had a crazy week this week and did not get to take many photos. I do, however really like these photos and the black and white looks great with these images. I can not wait for Christmas break so I can have as much time as I need to take all sorts of pictures.


I really like this photo because he looks very handsome in this photo, and his outfit looks good on him too! I was excited when I took this because my brother just got this outfit for him. The black and white made this photo 10 times better just because everything resembled on him.


This is my grandma’s dog and we were having our Thanksgiving dinner. When I went to get a drink he was right around the corner. I thought it was so cute! When I took the photo he had his tongue hanging out and I got it in this photo.


This is another photo that I took of Seasar. I wanted this one to be in black and white. Although his eyes and face looks a little angry the black makes his features in his face come out. I like this photo a lot!


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