Over Break!

There were a lot of great photos and views I got to see and take over break! I love having a lot of time to take a bunch of photos because one weekend I can take less pictures than I can over a 2 week period. I like how I have different photos, but a few of the same kind. My inspiration helped me a lot because it gave me some great ideas!


One: I was hunting with my Dad and my little brother and we went to take a rest and eat something. When we sat down we were staring down at the view and I realized my   dad brought his camera so I started snapping a couple shots. This one was further away thats why there is more sunlight and snow than in the second photo.

Two:I like this photo because you can recognize the difference from the first photo. Also I like how you can see the difference in the trees some are yellow, and some are normal green!

Three: This is my Favorite photo. When we were getting a tree we went to our friends Cabin up by Schweitzer. It was a nice family trip! My dad said he found the one so we were all following his path, I really like this because the sun it bright, the sky is beautiful, and everyone in the photo is in sync. It turned out better than I had expected.

Four: I forget where we were, but we were leaving Oregon and my parents wanted to stop by the huge waterfall. When we were walking up the hill to get to the top I saw this. It turned out great, I think, and I love how bright and sunny it is. Also the green moss, and leaves come together great!

Five: We reached the top and were starring at the waterfall! When I had turned around I saw something almost as pretty. This view was amazing! I love how there is a pond rite next to the huge river. And how I can see the road and some cars in the street also.

Six: We were driving to our friends house who lives on CDA Lake and I zoomed in to get this picture! I like it so much because I got the rainbow rite in the background, I made the picture a little brighter than it was, and I made the mountains more green. This photo turned out great.


Seven: We took the snake out to feed him, and before he ate I held him, and took some photos! I like how in this photo he is starting to unravel, and I got a little bit of his tongue.

Eight: This photo turned out great I like how sharp it is. They are always tight in a ball  to keep them warm. I love how I got his tongue nice and clear and his head really stands out too.

Nine: I like the angle of this photo because he was going in between he couches so I was holding him, but letting him slither through my hand. I do not like how my hand is over exposed, but there was not much I could do about it.


Ten: When we were camping I came upon this tree at first I did not think anything of it but the closer and closer you get the more things you see moving!

Eleven: This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen! I really like how the bark and moss on the tree makes the ladybugs stick out a lot. I think the color and brightness are great with this photo as well.

Twelve: This photo is a little gross, but this is a leg of an animal  and  all the ladybugs are eating the rest of it. Even though it is pretty gross it is a pretty good photo and the colors work well for this as well.

New Years!

Thirteen: I really think this turned out pretty great. We were at our friends house on Hayden Lake and people were shooting off fireworks everywhere. I got a couple shots but this is definitely the best one.


Fourteen: I like this picture because there is a good angle with the smoke. I think the green with he black background looks good and I even got some snow in there.

Fifteen: I like this one better because the top of the picture is dark with a couple snowflakes and than the middle is where the smoke is coming in the photo. I think this turned out great!


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