I decided to do my final on life because animals, like dogs and cats are a huge part of people’s families, and life today. I really wanted to focus on the weird things they do when you least expect it and wish you had a camera at that moment. I think that most of my idea turned out, but there were a few things that I wish I could have put in my blog, but were too blurry or did not turn out right. Overall there are a lot of funny, and different pictures. When I was first thinking about the whole idea of life I wanted to put different things in it like people, nature, or even roads, but I thought it would take the concept out of my post. I think just photographing the 4 animals I did in different ways was how I really wanted the whole thing to turn out. My inspiration helped me a lot with different ideas and just to explore with the little creativity I can have! I really like how he focuses on making the dog/ cats personality stick out it one photo! It is amazing. I also think that he is very inspired with working with animals, because you can tell he does a beautiful job with it.


One: I really wanted to get  Brittney’s paws in a few photos because the brown and pink look great. Also I think cats paws are the cutest things ever! I shot in macro and zoomed in, also changing the brightness a little and making the blacks stand out.

Two: With this picture and the second I wanted to compare puppies paws with fully grown paws. Also making their different poses and giving it a different look. With this one though, I wanted to make it black and white to give it more of that “effect”.
Three: With this I also wanted to make it black and white because I wanted to make them stick out without colors distracting the eye. Also I really like how Deek’s two front paws are crossed!

Four: This picture is adorable! I wanted it in black and white because it gave it more feeling and I like how his paws are crossed together, while he was sleeping.

Five: This photo is one of my favorites because my cat was trying to reach for the camera because the flash kept going off. I really like how I used macro for this and just got her paw with the blur in the back.

Six: I was taking a few photos of her because she just woke up and usually she yawns. I think that this photo could have been more sharper, but it was kinda difficult when she kept moving, and rolling around.

Seven: Deek was sleeping and instead of getting an original picture of his face I wanted to get even closer. I like how I made it black and white also because it still shows the features without there being color.

Eight: Cooper was also sleeping and we recently got him as a pup so that is his blanket that they gave us to keep some of their sent still. I think this shows meaning, and I like how everything is in black and white with the opacity really low, but the blanket is still in blue!

Nine: I really like this picture, but I kept thinking there was something missing from it. I like the blanket better in half black and white because it does not distract you.

Ten: He was hoping and laying down eating the cats’ toy and so I got him when he was in action and when he just wanted to guard it. I think this turned out great, and he looks very cute!

Eleven: This is the cutest thing ever! I love how I got her at the perfect time, and some things I like about it is that she has her eyes open, the lighting, its sharp, and I caught her in action.

Twelve: This is my absolute favorite! I love how she looks like she played with a bunch of cat nip, but really I caught her at the end of her yawn. This photo makes me laugh every time I laugh, and I am so happy I had my camera at that moment.

Thirteen: I really like this picture because it shows passion and love. I like how his eyes really captured the image to draw you in, but also how he’s kissing the pup while he’s sleeping in his arms.

Fourteen: My favorite thing about this picture is how she just started to lick her nose I’m guessing, and I got it in time. This really turned out great and I think the brightness, colors, and sharpness in this photo make it come together.

Fifteen: This really turned out great with the gold/brown sheets and her yellowish eyes. The brightness goes well with this, but I also wish I would have sharpened it a little more and made the blacks stick out.

Sixteen: I was taking a break to let her do her thing and as soon as I walked in she was doing stuff like this. I thought it was awesome, and I like how I got her in a weird pose, though I do not like the green wall because its a distraction.

Seventeen: Miss PK was sleeping on my bed and I got to take some photos of her when she least expected it. When I took a few photos, though, the flash kept going off and so she ended up peeking her eyes open.


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