For this assignments I am doing my public service announcement on a bunch of different things. I wanted to take portraits and really focus on their eyes and facial expressions. Instead of editing them to where they were the ones doing it, I wanted to show how it is on the other side as well. This blog was really difficult for me because I could not think of anything to do. I didn’t want to do things that everyone else was doing so it was hard to think outside the box. For my insperation I had a couple different ones.

One: I made this photo black and white, bringing the opacity almost half way down. I wanted to make her eyes really stand out and show that even though she looks fine, she has a whole other life inside. And people need to see that, and not be surprised if somethings wrong with them. I like this photo a lot.

Two: I really wanted to take a photo about abuse because so many women and children get beaten everyday by a parent, family member, or even some adult. I think that this photo turned out pretty good, and I hope there are more awareness’ for the women and children out there.

Three: I really like this photo because even though he is not saying or doing anything, and the photo is black and white you can see the expression on his face. It is sad how much your younger siblings look up to you, and its not fair to them to leave them for a drug. NOT EVEN ONCE!


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