Flower Photography

For this project I wanted to take pictures of flower photography because my mom brought home a huge bocay of them. I wanted to make sure I captured a lot of photos because now they are starting to die. I think that these flowers are the most beautiful, and have a lot to photograph. Also with this blog I wanted to get really close in depth with the flowers, and also further away to get the whole look! I think it turned out great. My inspiration helped me a lot with this I wanted to get up close and far away like she pointed out in her photos.

One: I love this picture! it tuned out great with the blue in the background, and the pinkish purple flower. In the background it makes it look as if the flower is floating on water!

Two: This is also one of my favorites because this flower is bright, colorful, and there is nothing distracting you. When I edited this I brightened it, used the burn tool to darken areas, then also sharpened the image.

Three: I wanted to get closer with this photo, and change the saturation just a little bit. I think it turned out great and the colors are great in this photo.

Four: With every picture I wanted them to be different. So with this I wanted to make the part that comes up the middle in focus to see more of the flower in depth.

Five: This is a really interesting photo, I think. I really like how the edges of the flower are in focus, but everything else is blurred. This makes it different, and more of a creative view.

Six: For this photo I really wanted to focus on getting in on the peddle. This is awesome because the orange fuzzy stuff fell on the peddle and you can see it, also the black bumps in the photo are very crisp.

Seven: This is also a little different than the last one because the color is more bright, the green in the middle, and a couple of the peddles are crisp in this photo. I like it a lot, and I am very happy with this blog.


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