Spring Break

Over the break I was pretty busy most of the time with work, and other activities so I did not get a lot of extra time to take photos. Even though I did not get a lot of photos taken I still managed! With theses photos I wanted to take photos of how much my little puppy has grown up, and how close my dogs are now. Also I went to my brothers game so I got to focus on that too.

One I like this picture a lot because for once he is finally looking at me and I don’t have to keep backing up and yelling at him to look and stop!

Two I love how they are laying together and my puppy Cooper is a little snuggle happy and can not sit or pretty much do anything by himself.

Three I like how he is looking at me like he’s in trouble or something! My parents and I were looking for him and went to the laundry room and thats where he was!

Four I like how my brother is running his hardest to get to home, and I got him in action! Every time I look at this it makes me laugh, just because of his facial expression.

Five when he was up to bat he told me to take some pictures so he could look at his swing and see what he was doing wrong, if anything. But every time he was doing it I couldn’t get my timing down.

Six I really like how this photo turned out because when he was diving back to the base he’s rite on the line and not even meaning to I got a great photo!


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