Idiom Photography

For this blog it was very interesting the photos I took to make the idiom, in my mind, the way I can see it. I thought it was a great way to be creative, and even though there was not much inspiration to focus on it was also better that way so we could focus more on how we see it than how other people did. I really like my photos and I think I did a good job this week getting down that concept of my photos. For my inspiration I went to google and typed in idiom examples and went to probably 5 different websites to get more words. There was no images I found, so this had to do!

Sleeping like a baby:

Sleeping really hard, and nothing could wake you up!

 My family and I were driving home from Yakima and my brother had to wake up at 5 in the morning to play a double header (last day of their tournament.) When we were on our way back home it was not even 30 minutes and he was passed out! He had a long weekend, and I like how this image shows more than him just sleeping. It shows ice for his arm from pitching, and being sore, and also he still has his uniform on, ha somewhat.

As Gruff As A Bear:

Gruff, Unsociable 

Money does not grow on trees:

Money doesn’t come free



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