Using My Camera..

For this blog I wanted to take pictures of a bunch of different things to make it more interesting because this was honestly a very boring assignment. I think that this assignment was alright, and for what it was I met all the recommendations and did a pretty good job! For my inspiration I used the advanced photography blog because that basically showed me everything I needed to know for this assignment, and all my ideas came from this. Also the links that are on it made it help me.

One: Large Depth of Field

Two: Small depth of field

Motion One

Before we went camping for the weekend my brother had to ride his dirt-bike. I took a few photos until I got the rite one and I tried taking it in different spots, and angles but this was the best one I had.

Motion Two

I like the angle I took this picture at, and even though I think that there is something missing from it I like this photo a lot because of the different point of fiew.

Motion 3

When we were camping this plastic chair broke, so my mom decided to throw it in the fire! As soon as it was in the fire it lit up, and was really bright so I took a few photos really fast. Also if you look close enough you can also see that the right side of the wooden pole is on fire too!

Motion 4

I liked this one too because you could see the fire more blurred, and the wooden poles are in focus in the front of the photo.



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