Free Choice

For this blog there are a few old pictures because I was waiting until we had a free choice blog to put them on there. Even though I think this was not my best blog ever I still am happy with it, and like it a lot. I think if I had more time I could have added a few more photos, and put more detail into them.


I really like this picture because the outline of the fence adds more to the photo. Also what I like about it is that it shows us as a team, and the Viking Blue really makes everything pop.


This picture means a lot to me because even though I’m not graduating, and standing with those girls we have played together since we were 8-10 years old, and I was just really happy for them! I can’t explain how much I am going to miss them, but this photo will bring back some great memories!


This is another one of the memorie photos because all of our parents have been there for us the entire way, and all throughout our summer league and highschool ball our parents had “camp crush”, and its family and people like this that I will never forget.


This was extemely emotional because it’s the last season of playing EVER for a lot of the girls, and because we have all became best friends and basically a small family it is sad that we won’t all be playing together next year.


I like how in this picture I made it along rule of thirds, but also I think its boring because the colors go too well, and its not in focus. Even though there are some things I don’t like about the photo, his expression and just the stance he’s in I love it.


When we were coming home from camping, we had a long weekend and everyone was tired! We were jammin out to some country and when I turned around to see what the boys were doing my brothers friend was fast out with our puppy Cooper, and were snoring away!



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