Final ~ Nature Photography

Final Blog of the Year!

For my final I wanted to take photos on nature. For memorial day weekend we went camping up to my cabin. I really wanted to focus on getting up close and personal with the photos. I think that I got a great combination of photos! There were a few other things I wanted to capture, but with winter being so long they didn’t bloom yet! With my depth of field I took photos of the famous bridge, it is so old that it could fall apart seriously anytime. For my motion I didn’t want to capture something boring and ideal so because the snow was here for so long I got to take pictures of the tiny river down bellow. Lastly for the studio portrait I photographed Jessi Skantel. For my portfolio it is definitely a bunch of randomness, but it’s just about all the different things I can photograph. Even with having ten of my best photos you can still tell which ones are stronger than the others because with every photographer their stronger at some things than others. For my inspiration one, two, and three these were some of my main options I wanted to take photos of when I was camping. I think I did that and more, the three of those were not as up close as I wanted to be with my photos, so I made sure on the other ones I got even closer!

Nature Photography

One: Motion

For this Photo I wanted to make the lighting pop more, and accentuate the colors as well. I think this is one of my best river photos, and even though it is not a whole lot of motion it still meets the requirements!

Two: Large Depth of Field

For this photo I made the bridge stick out more by making it lighter, and the black to stand out a little bit more. Also the leaves on it gives the photo more. Another way I made the bridge stand out is by making the outsides black and white, but brought the opacity down about 30% of the way. I love this photo!

Three: Macro

With this to get down and deep into nature I wanted to get up close and personal I think that with this photo I really like the moss, and how everything about this just makes me feel like I am there! I made some spots a little more blurry and sharpened the spots that weren’t.

Four: Macro

I was riding my motorcycle and one of these branches hit me in the face. I thought they were great to photograph and I like the color of the moss, and its white polka dots as my little sister says! Also with the mossy stuff hanging from the trees it accentuates the photo beautifully.

Five: Macro

For this photo this is the branch next to it and I just wanted to get a different angle, and make that lime green stick out a little more! I sharpened the branch and blurred a couple other spots. Overall these two photos fit perfectly in this blog!

Six: Macro

With this photo I really like how the angle of the photo is taken. When I was editing them I tried to focus on the contrast, and the greens. I think this photo turned out great.

Seven: Macro

For this photo I originally wanted to do short depth of field, and the other one large depth of field but it did not turn out that way. Also the photo looks stronger by itself. I love how the purple photo sticks out, and how the background sticks out!

Eight: Macro

This is one of my favorites because I love how the bark from the tree is the background because it really accentuates the flower, and makes it stick out. Also I wanted to take the photo in rule of thirds because it gives it more feeling with the photo.

Nine: Macro

With this photo I sharpened it a lot and added brightness, and more black to the photo. Making the blacks darker really made the flower pop, and give it more detail.

Ten: Macro

This photo is different from all the others because it has some kind of a bug on it that creates spit. I am glad this photo turned out because it gives it that nature feeling, and the greens with the yellow really contrast together well!

Eleven: Studio Portrait

When I edited this photo I made her eyes a little brighter, because she had darker circles around her eyes from the lighting in the studio. Other than that I messed with the levels and captured this as my studio portrait.

Portfolio: 10 Best Photos


I chose this as one of my best photos because I love the angle on this photo, and the way her paws are together and how I caught her in the act of playing with a string was the moment I can take from this.


This photo is one of my best photos because I like how  his hair you can tell is wet, and how you can tell from this he is freaking out about something in the water. That something are fish that he can see, and sometimes he will actually fall into the water!


This is my best photo I think because when my cat was yawning I captured this photo and she looks psycho! I always love getting that memory when capturing a photo and this is what I love!


I really like this one because the bright colors from the pink flower stand out, and then the green from the middle part makes the whole thing stand out. Also with the blue background it makes it so the object is the first thing you see.


I love this photo too because the green from the moss and leaves is beautiful! Also the lighting and contrast in the photo accentuates it well.


I love this photo too because when I was laying down tanning I looked up and he was standing right over me. I was glad by the time I got my camera he still had it in his mouth! From always looking at the fish in the water he finally caught a dead one!


This is one of my best because the reflection from the mountain onto the water is so pretty! Everything is sharpened, and the colors in the photo stand out a lot. Also the blue from the sky and water pull the picture together.


With this photo I love the bridge, and originally it was black and white but changing the levels in light room made this photo even better. I like how it is angled and it is not just a boring picture of a bridge.


This is one of my best photos because this is my nephew and I really wanted to get a good first picture for them when he was first-born! I love how small and innocent he looks in this. Also I really like the color, and how his lips stick out.


This is also one of my best because I love how the blue in the background makes his yellow face stand out! I think that his face is so cute, and the one second he finally looked away from the water I got to capture this photo.


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