Summer 2012 ~ B&W

This summer was filled of both work, and camping! When I was not busy working I took every chance I had and went up to my cabin, and also went up to horse-haven. I took a lot of photos, but because their were so many on there most of my photos did not come out totally sharpened. I really like how I edited the photos black and white because it adds more to the photo, and focuses on what the main subject is in the photo. Also I do not have an inspiration for this post because I did not get an idea from another source when I took these, it was all from my mind!

One: During the weekend it was so dusty that anywhere we went to ride we had to wear goggles no matter how fast or slow we were going. I like this photo a lot because the dust from the jump was in the air, and it adds more to the photo!

Two: This is definitely my favorite! Even though he is really blurry I like how I got the picture in mid-air with his foot out, and most dust everywhere!

Three: I was on this huge rock with my brother, boyfriend, and brothers friend and they were shooting little birds with BB guns! While I was looking down I decided to take a photo of my boots because I thought it would look pretty sweet! I am glad I did because I like the lighting.

Four: Before my mom and I went on our own adventurous ride my boyfriend took a picture of us and it looks awesome this is definitely my favorite! I like how blacks really stick out, and how the whites are really bright.

Five: This was also before our ride, and I feel like the color works really well with the photo! It makes it different from the others.


2 thoughts on “Summer 2012 ~ B&W

  1. Twitchell says:

    First thing I notice is that you should have 3 posts so far this school year… you have only this one?
    I know that you can do posts. Get caught up, you are losing points because of lateness. Not good this early on.

  2. Jessica Tanya says:

    I really like this blog post! The first picture is definitely my favorite. I think the black and white works really well for it. I love the smoke.. it adds a lot of contrast and makes it interesting.

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