Spirit Dayy!!

This week I wanted to work in the studio because it was spirit week, and since we do not wear clothes like this very often I wanted to take photos of the craziness that is going on! In this photo I really like how we are all happy and I chose the background for these because its wild and that’s what this week is about. My inspiration is about these girls at a birthday party. The reason I picked it is because I like how they are all having fun, and being themselves.

I really like this photo because it shows us being strong or powerful! I like it because it says a couple of things in the photo we are seniors and strong and also that you can’t mess with us! ha

In this photo we are having a great time and being ourselves that’s why I like this photo a lot! All I did was changes the lighting a little bit and used the crop tool!

I like the way we are all posed, and how we are doing our own thing! I like this photo a lot! The lighting is also good in this photo.

Laura and I were in our own world doing a bunch of crazy things and this is what I came up with! I love it and it shows how we are close and also how much fun we are having!

We were doing our own photo shoot and had to be in there for a few minutes spinning around and just doing whatever we wanted and I like this photo because its showing simplicity but also the fun side!

Laura had to do the same thing and I love this photo! She is having so much fun and I like how I captured the moment of her laughing! At what is unknown!!

Wacky Tacky Day! This was awesome I like how we are posed and both doing something different!

I thought it would be sweet if we were in the air and so from the sides we were jumping off chairs trying to get the right one and this looks great! Although I do not like the eyes and chair in the background, but I couldn’t crop it out too much.

I like this photo a lot! I think that the lighting turned out great, and I am glad I captured the right moment!


One thought on “Spirit Dayy!!

  1. Twitchell says:

    I would really like to see you behind the camera more, making composition decisions, directing people to pose.
    The link that you provided does have some crazy fun images like this, but many of them are posed.
    On these images, crop in tighter. There is a lot of extra space around all of you that is not needed.
    Another suggestion is to get the subjects away from the background. The further away you can get them from the backdrop, the more it will drop out of focus- not be sharp- helping the people be more the focus of the image.

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