Light Tent Photography

For this blog post I took photos of sea shells. I do not think that this is my strongest blog, but I do like how they turned out. I took a photo of the box, but forgot to take a photo of my final set-up! Sorry Twitch.. I think the lighting in these photos is great, and they all are taken from a different angle so I could see which one I like better. For my inspiration I used this website because it definitely helped me better than any of the other website I looked up.

I like the angle of this photo, and the lighting is great in this photo, the only thing I do not like that much is that it is not that sharp.

I like this photo because it also has great lighting, and it is sharp, and clean.

The light was brighter in this photo so it has harsher shadows in it, but I wanted to post it to see the difference between the photos.

This is the box I used, but I forgot to take photos of the final part!


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