Honestly I did not like this blog at all, and I didn’t see the point. But a grade is a grade! I think that my photos turned out pretty good. I made sure that the starbucks coffee fit well with everything.

For this photo I had to use the painting tool and mask over it. I think it fits great with this photo.

For this photo I cropped it a little bit more, and changed the lighting slightly to make the star bucks fit better. I do not remember what tool I had used but it fits with this photo.

With this photo I changed the lighting slightly, I do think that the mug is a little bright but overall the painting mask fit well with this.

I love this one the best! It fits perfectly with the way his hand is in the air, and the photo is darker so I used a darker mask and it turned out good. Also it is the perfect time of year.



One thought on “Paintings

  1. Twitchell says:

    Part of life is learning to deal with stuff that you do not like. There are plenty of parts of my job that I don’t like, and I get the pleasure of dealing with, sometimes on a daily basis.

    Second image, be aware of the mirror in the background, that should have the cup in it as well.

    Third image, a bit bright on the white for the cup.

    Santa one looks very nice.

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