Studioo Photography!

The studio is always fun to work with. I love being able to do different things with lighting and capturing the fun person in “you”. I had a lot of fun doing this post and I got some really great shots that are some of my best!

This one is my favorite! I love how the lighting is in this photo, and the pose! She was flipping her hair to get more volume and while she was doing that I decided to take a photo! I love getting in the moment and capturing great photos like this!

This is one of my more professional photos, the only think I should have done differently is gotten more of her arms and shoulders, but I like this photo a lot anyway. Also I changed the lighting a little bit and lightened her face.

I like this photo a lot too! I think it turned out great and I love the lighting and color in the background to go with it. This photo turned out great and she is posed perfectly! I really like this photo of her!

I decided to edit this photo! ha I like it because they caught me in the action of laughing and I also like how it is a close up so all you see is my face ha. They did a good job!!

This photo is awesome! I like the lighting and how the background is a light blue. I think it fits well with her skin tone and hair! Also I like how her facial expression is! I think her eyes really pop and I just love this one!

This is another one of my favorites! I like how I did it in black and white as well because it adds more to this photo! The best thing about this photo is how calm her face is and how crazy I am being! I love it!!

This was another fun photo, and I like our pose a lot! It is a lot of fun. Also the lighting in this photo it great.

This photo is great! I love the lighting, and how bright her hair is! also I like our poses ha it turned out great and I like it a lot!

For this photo I made the background brighter, but it is kind of distracting! Overall the lighting and everything turned out great!!


One thought on “Studioo Photography!

  1. Twitchell says:

    Are you using a tripod, or is someone else shooting the photo and then you editing? It needs to be you shooting the photos… maybe a couple are ok not to, and then you edit, but make sure you specify which is which on the blog.

    I would suggest backing up some and zooming in, will get faces not quite as round and without distortion.
    Lighting looks good on these, great fun photos.

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